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Eyewear Optic

French design

All of our Binocle Eyewear Optic products are designed in Nantes by our design team. The manufacturing is then outsourced in order to offer you more attractive prices.

Starry universe

As a reminder, our Binocle Eyewear range gathers the Optic and Sun universe. With the sun universe, the idea is to make you travel around the world. With the optics, you will travel more in space through names around the milky way. You will find names like "Alya" "Sirius" or "Wezen".

French design and manufacture

Our entire French Binocle range is designed in our Nantes office by our team of designers. The manufacturing is produced in a factory in Nantes and another one in the Jura.

Gastronomic universe

Lovers of French Gastronomy, we have developed this range around it. Only with Binocle Française can you wear a pair of glasses named "Boeuf Bourguignon", "Raclette" or "Sauvignon".