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Modular, scalable sunglasses
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Trendy and really
Top-of-the-range sunglasses
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Elegant and incredibly
7 interchangeable arms
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Category 3 lenses


Filtre polarisant


Great value for money


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Build your own 100 % glasses #Extreme


Choose your face

Choose from 4 polycarbonate shapes and a range of face colours.


Choose your lenses

All our lenses are polycarbonate, polarised and category 3.


Choose your arms

The arms are made of polycarbonate and can be unclipped.

Here are a few inspirations

You're just away from creating the #Extreme that suits you.

Try your sunglasses straight from home.

Measure your face and test the size of our models on yourself.

Try on your sunglasses straight from home.

Measure your face and test the size of our models on yourself.

Solid and affordable glasses for everyone.

Since 2016, our mission has been to offer unique, affordable and above all sustainable products. Through our brand, we want to bring good humour and fun to your everyday life. At Binocle, you'll find trendy products to suit all tastes. There's a Binocle for everyone!

Our aim is to enable you to keep your Binoculars for as long as possible. This is made possible by the use of ultra-resistant, virtually unbreakable materials and easy replacement of all components, particularly in our Extreme range.

Modular sunglasses

Trendy sunglasses

Chic sunglasses

Modular sunglasses

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to 55,00€

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Available in shop

More than 1,150 resellers in France and Europe

Strong partners

Official partners of HellFest, Le 24 du Mans and Moto GP

Eco-friendly approach

Creating carbon sinks by planting trees in Bretagne

in shop

More than 1,150 resellers in France and Europe


Partenaires officiels : HellFest, 24h du Mans, Moto GP

Eco-friendly approach

Creating carbon sinks by planting trees

Would you rather discover us at the point of sale?

Would you like to discover our collections in store? Use our map to find your nearest Binocle retailer. They'll be delighted to welcome you, advise you and help you discover the world of our products.

How about reducing our environmental impact?

At Binocle, one of our core values is Responsibility. So it was time to measure our carbon footprint and find sustainable solutions to reduce our impact.

Every year, Ecotree helps us to contribute to the creation of carbon capture sinks.

170 trees planted thanks to

Let's meet at the Binocle Tour !

Which sunglasses are right for ?

How about dispelling
preconceived ideas about us?

That's right, our Binocle Extreme frames are made from polycarbonate, a highly flexible and resistant material. Its clip-on and clip-off hinge system means that the frame only needs to be removed, rather than breaking.

This feature is only available on the Extreme range.

Les montures de ces lunettes de soleil sont fabriquées en polycarbonate, un matériau ultra-flexible qu'il est pratiquement impossible de casser. Et si vous êtes un guerrier et que vous y arrivez, envoyez un e-mail à sos@binocle.com, car les montures sont garanties à vie.

Cette garantie ne couvre pas les rayures sur les lentilles.

All our models are fitted with lenses that comply with the European UV400 standard, which ensures that your eyes are well protected. 

Our lenses are category 3, which corresponds to an ideal daily protection index.

You'll also find a polarising filter for greater comfort by eliminating the effects of reverberation.

Polarised lenses are simply fitted with a polarising filter to reduce the effects of reverberation. This has no impact on protection, it's simply an added comfort for everyday wear.


- Wet road after heavy rain

- Bodywork and windscreens of other vehicles

- At sea, with the reverberation of water

- In the mountains, with the reverberation of snow

All our products are designed and assembled on our premises in Nantes.

Manufacturing is outsourced. Why not in France? Our aim is to provide quality eyewear to as many people as possible. Outsourcing production enables us to offer affordable prices to preserve everyone's purchasing power.

We plan to return to manufacturing or industrialisation in France by 2025 for the Binocle Extreme.

We're conscious of our ecological impact, so we're creating carbon sinks by financing the planting of trees in Bretagne through Ecotree. We are also trying to work on more responsible frames using eco-responsible or recycled materials.æ

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Les Binoclards will talk about it better than we can.

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