Yes, as you can see, Binocle has signed a partnership with the 24h of Le Mans! How classy is that? Our teams have worked together in the design of several models of sunglasses.

Racing Univers

Discover a range of sunglasses fully customizable and almost unbreakable. Let me explain! They are made of polycarbonate, a super resistant and flexible material. Thanks to this, you can change your face, your temples and even your lenses whenever you want.

Clever, isn't it? So don't get carried away, it's sure that if you really try to break it, it will break in the end, but you can walk or even drive on it, it will resist!

Gentleman Driver Univers

You prefer a more vintage style of sunglasses that reminds you of your first years at the 24h of Le Mans? Discover a range of sunglasses with a Gentleman Driver look. Classy and elegant, these glasses will give you a certain charisma.

Did you know that? The Shelby is the official eyewear of the 24h of Le Mans. Inspired by the circuit and its history, this model also honors the American pilot Caroll Shelby

Kids Univers

Your little one also wants to wear sunglasses with the logo of the event?

This range for kids is exactly the same as for adults: customizable and almost unbreakable. At least you're sure this one won't break!