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Reducing our ecological impact

Let's create carbon sinks together...

Carbon footprint

What does it involve?

Put simply, the carbon footprint represents the amount of CO₂ released in the creation of a Binocle.

It is materialized by calculating the impact of each stage of production from the offices to manufacturing to arriving at your home. It also varies according to the composition of the product. 

At Binocle, we use stainless steel, acetate and polycarbonate.

Manufacturing & Processing

309 g of CO₂ / lunettes

Importing into France

250 g of CO₂ / lunettes

Offices & Administration

468 g of CO₂ / lunettes

Home delivery

34 g of CO₂ / lunettes

A BINOCLE on average
1 061 G of CO₂

Creating carbon sinks

Okay, but what is it?

Together with all the members of the Binocle team, we looked for sustainable solutions to reduce the ecological impact of our eyewear. 

The solution? Ecotree! A player that allows us to participate in the growth of sustainable forests in France.

Every year, we buy trees to capture CO₂ and thus neutralize the carbon emissions of our own activity.

On average, we buy between 70 and 80 trees a year. This figure is calculated according to the number of glasses sold. 

Capturing the trees

That's all well and good, but what does it actually do?

To make it more meaningful to you, let's relate it to a tree. The trees we buy are red oak and douglas fir planted in French eco-managed forests, scheduled to be harvested in 50 years' time. They will be used to create furniture and structural timber.

1 tree

25 kg of CO₂
captured on average
per year
1000 eyewear
with a reduced impact on his entire life
0,02 €
invested per eyewear
25 kg de CO₂
captured on average
per year
1000 eyewear
with a reduced impact on his entire life
0,02 €
invested per
eyewear sold
Okay, but you're already reducing for me?

Yes, our brand already reduces for your Binocle, but we're offering to double the stake so that we can buy twice as many trees. Why do this? Today, our brand is carbon neutral, and our goal for tomorrow is to continue creating carbon capture sinks.

What is
0,05€ per eyewear

Every year, we neutralize the impact of each eyewear sold by buying trees from eco-managed forests.

Why not double down by offering our binoculars the chance to neutralize their purchase themselves? We could buy even more trees 😱 

Hey, one day we'll actually have Binocle forests! 😏

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