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Binocle Urban to 55 €

Embrace urban style with eyewear that combines city elegance with versatility wherever you go. Whether you're in the city, the country or the sea, these Binocle glasses are designed to take you everywhere. With excellent value for money, they add a touch of chic to your everyday style without breaking the bank.

Polarized lenses reduce glare, providing optimum clarity for all your adventures. For protection, Category 3 UV400 lenses provide an impenetrable barrier against harmful UV rays. 😎 

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☀️ UV400 lenses: Our lenses comply with the European UV400 standard, providing 100% protection against UV rays harmful to your eyes (UVA/UVB).

🛡 Category 3 protection index: Our lenses are also classified as category 3, offering you effective filtration of natural light!

It's a real comfort! 😅 The polarized filter applied to our lenses reduces the effects of reverberation caused by reflective surfaces: 

- Wet roads

- Bodywork or windscreens of other vehicles

- Puddles or snow

- The sea 

Our designer Philippe, takes to heart the conception and design of all our products in our French premises.

We then outsource the manufacture of our eyewear. Why not in France? Our aim is to offer affordable quality frames that preserve everyone's purchasing power.

By 2025, our aim is to bring the manufacture of our Extreme range back to France. 

Yes, we're present at over 1,000 partner retailers all over France. If you want to find your Binocle in-store, take a look at our reseller map! 😉 


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UV400 standard
Cat. 3
Polarizing filter