Gina - Ecailles Automne Brillantes - Gr

Acetate frame Ecailles automne brillantes

Polarised CR39 lenses Gris dégradé

Anti-reflection treatment

100% protection (UV400 standard)

Category 3 glasses

Handmade frame

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lunettes de soleil papillonnantes

The Gina is a model of sunglasses that has a square shape with thick lines. With its retro chic style à la Grace Kelly, it is a unique piece in any outfit. 

With its fluttering little side, this eyewear lengthens the features of the face. This model can be worn in all circumstances: an outfit for a wedding, for the beach or on the terrace of your favourite café.

Do you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfits? Then succumb to the charm of the Gina Binocle from our Iconic collection. 


mesure lunettes

The materials used to make our sunglasses are carefully selected to ensure that we can offer you reliable and durable products. The Gina is made from cellulose acetate, a prestigious, rigid and very resistant material. 

The black model is the only one produced with recycled acetate, as recycling is only possible with very dark colours. 

The Gina is available in a standard size, adapting to a wide variety of feminine faces. 


The Gina is equipped with CR39 lenses which have a transparency almost similar to mineral lenses, thus offering high optical quality. They filter out 95% of UV rays compared to 85% for mineral lenses. 

All the lenses installed on our products comply with the European UV400 standard, which ensures that the lenses provide full protection against UV rays that are harmful to your eyes (UVA and UVB). 

We mainly offer category 3 sunglasses, which is the most suitable protection index for daily sunlight. 


The comfort of our Binoclards is important to us. For this reason, we have applied a polarising filter to all our lenses. This reduces the glare caused by the effects of reverberation. Polarising lenses are very pleasant in cars, especially when the bodies or windscreens of other cars reflect. 

To further improve your comfort, the Gina has an anti-reflective coating. This is very practical when the sun is shining sideways and the sun returns to your eyes. It also prevents you from seeing your eyes in your glasses, a very unpleasant sensation.  

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