78 Original Matt Back - No.Si

  Polycarbonate frame Matt Back

  Polarized glasses Silver Mirror

  Temples 78 Black and yellow

  100% protection (UV400 standard)

  Category 3 glasses

€29.00 (tax incl.)
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lunettes de soleil 78

The special 78 series has a metal "78" logo to bear the Forray brothers' colours. 

Neither round nor square, the Original Binocle is unisex and is suitable for most people. Highly colourful, it has a timeless look that will always make an impression. You will find more than 1500 different color combinations to make it sporty or trendy, the choice is yours!

Do you want a colourful sportswear look? Don't hesitate any longer, it's the Original you need! Its polycarbonate frame is unbreakable and can go with you in all circumstances. Put some fun in your wardrobe now!

Looking for a product with character? Go for our colourful sunglasses! What's more, they adapt to a very large number of faces. 


mesure lunettes

At Binocle, our goal is to provide you with more reliable and colorful sunglasses at an affordable price. The frames of these coloured sunglasses are then made of unbreakable polycarbonate!

Polycarbonate and the principle of interchangeable temples is the perfect combo to guarantee you a lifetime warranty on your frame (excluding lenses). It can happen that manufacturing defects can slip through our hands, so at the slightest abnormal breakage we will replace your frame.

Quality is a watchword at Binocle, but also comfort. We pay attention to the finishes applied to these models. These sunglasses come in a standard size to fit a wide variety of faces. 


Rest assured with the Binocle Original you will always be sure of the protection they provide! The CE UV400 standard assures you that your lenses provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

All Binocle Original have category 3 lenses that are ideal for most sunny conditions. Be careful not to confuse the level of protection (always 100%) with this categorisation which represents the level of luminosity in your lenses. 

To further improve your comfort, we have installed a polarizing filter on all our models. Its purpose is to reduce glare caused by reflective surfaces. 

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