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Valentina Violet

Glossy violet acetate frame

Polarised CR39 lenses Brun dégradé

Anti-reflection treatment

100% protection (UV400 standard)

Category 3 glasses

Handmade frame

€89.00 (tax incl.)
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large rectangular sunglasses
Elegant sunglasses

Why choose Valentina ?

  • Valentina embodies the youthful spirit and sophistication of Italy, adding a touch of madness and elegance to every look. In short, she'll make you feel like a real Italian star!

  • Its multi-faceted frame will give you a daring, chic look that's also highly original.

  • As the cousin of the Gina and Sophia, Valentina proudly bears her name as one of Binocle's iconic models. With her, you'll be able to assert your own style with confidence and glamour!
mesure lunettes
At last, good sunglasses at a fair price

Quality eyewear at this price là ?

  • A direct link with our factories: At Binocle, we have chosen a direct approach to guarantee quality and accessibility. By working in collaboration with our factories, we control every stage of production.

  • The choice of materials:Valentina is made with real attention to detail, designed from cellulose acetate. This material not only gives you a feeling of lightness and comfort, but also means we can tell you they'll last you over time.

  • Meticulous finishing: For us, every final touch is thought through so that you benefit from a product that's just like you. The aim is to provide you with the most enjoyable experience, where every detail counts...
The comfort and safety of your beautiful eyes

And they protect really?

  • 100% UV protection: 100% protection for your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our lenses strictly comply with the European UV400 standard, guaranteeing optimum protection.

  • Category 3 sunglasses: Our sunglasses are classified as category 3, offering an ideal protection factor for sunny days, so you can enjoy the outdoors in complete peace of mind.

  • CR39 lenses:Equipped with CR39 lenses, which are renowned for their clarity equivalent to mineral lenses, Valentina will offer you superior vision quality for an incomparable visual experience.
lunettes papillonantes Sophia
Extra visual comfort

But I'm really going to feel a difference ?

  • Polarising filter: You know, being suddenly dazzled in the car is never pleasant, is it? Well, with our Binocles equipped with a polarising filter, the inconvenience is over! It will reduce annoying reflections, guaranteeing optimum comfort for your eyes. Now you can drive with complete peace of mind!😝

  • Anti-glare: With Valentina, you'll finally be able to take a leisurely stroll without being bothered by reflections when you're standing with your back to the sun or on its side. In fact, it has an anti-reflective treatment that will let you enjoy every moment of your day!
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Valentina #03

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