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Sophia Noir Brillant - Gr

Acetate recycled frame Shiny black

Polarised CR39 lenses Graded grey

Anti-reflection treatment

100% protection (UV400 standard)

Category 3 lenses

Handmade frame

€89.00 (tax incl.)
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lunettes de soleil d'aventurier
Butterflying sunglasses

Why choose Sophia ?

  • The Sophia is a butterfly-shaped model, an essential piece with a chic, casual style that will go with all your outfits.

  • Do you have a round or oval face? The butterfly shape of this eyewear will suit you perfectly, as it will elongate your facial features.

  • Whether you're at a wedding, on the beach or in the garden, this model will match your best outfits and give you a touch of elegance.
mesure lunettes
At last, good sunglasses at a fair price

Quality glasses at that price?

  • A link with our factories: Did you know? Many eyewear brands have a huge number of intermediaries in their production process, directly impacting their prices. At Binocle, we are in direct contact with our factories to keep a more efficient control over our products and, above all, to offer you affordable prices.

  • Choice of materials: This product is made from cellulose acetate, a remarkable, highly resistant material. Our design team carefully selects all our materials to offer you long-lasting products you can trust.

  • Meticulous finishing: On the Iconic collection, we work more closely on all the finishing touches. You can even find our logo cut into the lenses. The frame is mirrored right down to the end of the sleeves, for an ever more beautiful and comfortable product.
The comfort and safety of your beautiful eyes

And do they really protect?

  • CE UV400 standard: All our Binocle products comply with the European UV400 standard to ensure absolute protection against harmful UV rays.

  • Glasses category 3: All our sunglasses are category 3, the ideal protection for everyday use in sunny weather.

  • CR39 lenses : Sophia is fitted with CR39 lenses, which filter out 95% of UV rays, giving you greater optical comfort. They are equivalent to glass lenses.
lunettes papillonantes Sophia
Extra visual comfort

But will I really feel a difference?

  • Polarizing filter: Because your well-being is our priority, Sophia is equipped with polarized lenses to reduce glare caused by the effects of reflection (bodywork, wet roads, snow, etc.).

  • Anti-reflective: See that annoying little ray of sunlight on the side of your glasses when the sun comes from behind? Well, thanks to the anti-reflective treatment, you can say goodbye to them in super comfort.
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