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Brand commitments

Binocle's state of mind...

Our philosophy

A fun brand, yes, but not just that...

Since 2016, our mission has been to offer unique, affordable and above all sustainable products. Through the image of our brand, we want to bring good humor and fun to your everyday life.

At Binocle, you'll find trendy products for every taste. To each his own personality and Binocle!

Our aim is to help you keep your Binocle for as long as possible. This is made possible by the use of ultra-resistant materials that are virtually unbreakable. Thanks to our customizable eyewear concept, replacement of each component is simplified.

At Binocle, we have 3 core values:

- Fun

- Responsiveness

- Responsibility 

 extend the life
of our products 

Our actions

What do you actually do?

Today, we are aware that our ecological footprint is not entirely optimized due to the transportation of goods and the materials used, but we are constantly looking for new solutions.

1.We manufacture some of our sunglasses in polycarbonate, a plastic material. This range is fully customizable, so all components can be replaced, extending the life of the product.

Why polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and very durable over time, thus reducing its ecological impact. 

But why not use recycled polycarbonate?

Well, we tried! The result? Glasses that were too brittle, of poorer quality and, above all, less durable. Our aim is to promote repairability, not obsolescence.

 Unfortunately, sometimes it's not possible to repair, so we look for ways to give our Binocles a second life by transforming them into useful everyday objects like shopping-cart tokens. 

We sometimes receive products with micro-defects, invisible to the naked eye. For a long time, we stored them without knowing what to do with them, telling ourselves that putting them up for sale was out of the question. But why not? As part of our eco-responsible approach, we ended up creating the Outlet with near-perfect eyewear at even cheaper prices.

1.Cellulose acetate is one of the materials we use most in the design of our eyewear. As part of our eco-responsible approach, we have developed a range of sunglasses in eco-acetate. This material contains only 1% phthalate (a chemical plasticizer), as opposed to 23% in conventional acetate. 3/4 of its composition comes from cotton.

2. Recycled acetate is used on our black frames. Why only black frames?  Because today's technology means that only dark colors can be recycled.

3.Our pouches are made from PET recycled from plastic bottles.

4.All our microfibres (or wipes, if you prefer) are now packaged in recycled paper for both our consumer and professional orders.

 opt for recycled or
or eco-friendly materials 

 Reduce, recycle, reuse 

Our responsible approach is reflected not only in the design and composition of our products, but also in the little things we do every day. 

1.Our eyewear is sent to our retailers in reused cardboard boxes. 

2.Packaging for our range of interchangeable watches is made from recycled cardboard. 

3.The computer equipment used in our offices is reconditioned. 

4.Several sorting garbage cans have been installed on the Binocle premises. The team is mobilized to take care of its ecological impact.

Our average carbon footprint

What's this?
Manufacturing & Processing

309 g de CO₂ / lunettes

Importing into France

250 g de CO₂ / lunettes

Offices & Administration

468 g de CO₂ / lunettes


34 g de CO₂ / lunettes

An average Binocle = 1 061 g of CO2 

What does it mean?

How to compensate?