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Black - Pink - Pink

  Polycarbonate frame Black

  Polarized glasses Pink

  Branches interchangeables Rose mat

  100% protection (UV400 standard)

  Category 3 glasses

€35.00 (tax incl.)
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lunettes de soleil d'aventurier
Extremely hard-wearing sunglasses

Why choose the Daytona?

  • Virtually unbreakable: The exceptional robustness of our Extreme collection is legendary 💪🏼. Whether you roll over it, jump on it, or even drop it from 15 storeys up, no worries! Thanks to its polycarbonate frame and hinge system, it can withstand anything. It can come loose, but breakage? Never! 🚀

  • Customisable colours: You have the power to choose all the colours of your eyewear, including the front, temples and even the lenses! Create the pair that's perfect for you! 🎨

  • Interchangeable temples: With its ingenious system of hinges, you can easily clip your temples on and off at will! And guess what? You can have the whole collection of Binocle temples if you like! 😉

  • Sporty chic: With its rectangular shape, the Daytona is a masculine model that suits everyone. With its vibrant colour palette and timeless look, it never fails to make a splash. 😎
mesure lunettes
At last, good sunglasses at a fair price

Quality glasses at that price?

  • A direct link with our factories: You should be aware that most brands have a lot of intermediaries in their production chain, each of whom adds his or her share. At Binocle, we have a direct link with our factories to have better control over the quality of our products and also to offer you attractive prices.

  • Polycarbonate frames and lenses: The Daytona is made from polycarbonate. This robust polymer is renowned for its virtually unbreakable nature and transparency.

  • Lifetime guarantee: We have total confidence in our product, and because we're super nice, your frame is guaranteed for life (apart from the lenses, of course). 
The comfort and safety of your beautiful eyes

And do they really protect?

  • 100% UV protection: The lenses on all our models comply with the CE UV400 standard, giving your eyes total protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

  • Category 3 glasses: Protection should not be confused with the level of glare resistance (represented by categories), which represents the ability of a lens to absorb natural sunlight and therefore reduce glare.

  • Polarising filter: Reduces glare caused by reflective surfaces: wet roads, sea, snow, bodywork, etc.
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Daytona PC

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Category 3 polarized
CE UV400
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