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Binocle provides turnkey services, equipment rental, technical support and training for its equipment.

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Celine Tricart / Philippe Bordelais

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Benoit Morvan / Eymeric Manceau

Different rig configurations - Brigger I in a steadycam configuration and Brigger II mounted on a shoulder brace and fluid heads - with Silicon Imaging SI2K cameras and Zeiss prime optics or Angénieux zoom lenses

Provision of services

Shooting services

    Binocle works with many camera operators and stereo 3D post-production experts. Binocle can provide the shooting equipment you need for your project (motion control rigs, cameras, monitors and stereo visualization and correction software) along with operators trained to use the equipment to the best of its capabilities.
    Depending on your needs (specific service or line production), Binocle can provide you with a full team of professionals (stereographer, camera assistant, post-production manager, etc.).

Stereo 3D correction

    Binocle also provides film correction services.

Equipment rental

    Motion control rigs, with or without a camera, are available for hire under certain conditions.

Technical support

    Binocle is a small company, enabling it to provide prompt and efficient technical support for its products. You will have direct contact with the engineers who designed, developed and finalized the rigs and software. Binocle’s technicians are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions aimed at improving its equipment to meet your specific needs.
    All our products come with a 12-month warranty and updates are available under the terms of a maintenance contract.
    Each maintenance contract includes e-mail and phone assistance, the replacement of defective parts for a specified limited period (12, 24 or 36 months) and various software updates depending on the type of contract.

Equipment training

    Binocle offers training for directors, operators and stereographers for all its products.
    An initial five-day training program can be followed up by annual one- or two-day training sessions for updates.

    The training program comprises the following: 

      • introduction to stereoscopy and how to use our rigs (2 days)
      • software training (2 days)
      • introduction to maintenance for troubleshooting during live-action shooting (1 day).

    This training program can be adapted to your specific needs.

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