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Binocle’s rigs: “Brigger I” and “Brigger III”

Brigger I and III features

    Ten years after the first fully motion-controlled rig was developed by Binocle / Thomson / Angénieux, Binocle has improved its techniques to provide a full range of equipment to satisfy all shooting requirements.

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Brigger II equipped with two Silicon Imaging SI2K cameras and two Angénieux Motion Control zoom lenses
    Binocle rigs can easily accommodate all types of cameras, according to their weight and size, and all Binocle rigs are suitable for motion-controlled operation and recording.

    Binocle rigs are rugged, durable rigs that permit stereoscopic filming in confined spaces, on a steadycam, shoulder brace, gyroscope stabilization heads or any other camera mount designed for cameras currently available on the market. They are ideal for both cinematic and broadcast work.

    The management system allows real-time remote control of the following motion control parameters:

    • Interaxial distance
    • Convergence
    • Zoom
    • Focus
    • Aperture

Brigger I and III products

      • a special configuration of the mirror rig for zenithal or a crane installation,

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    Brigger I’s special configuration for zenithal installation.
      • a linear support (side by side)

    JPEG - 19.7 kb
    Brigger II’s linear configuration.

Brigger I and III also include:

    • Four motorized optical mounts (2 axes for fixed focal length lenses)
    • or six motorized optical mounts (3 axes for zoom lenses)
    • motion control commands
    • viewing screen
    • accessories

Prices vary depending on the options selected, on top of cameras and optics. Binocle takes care of camera/optic matching and the fitting of motorized mounts for special optics.

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Céline Tricart: Operator / Samuel: Operator - Televisa

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