Outlet B - Mona Or Rose Brillant - Pk

Attention, this is an Outlet product.

It is up to you to choose the type of problem and its degree of importance (A to C).


- New and never worn products

- Defects due to transport

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€38.50 (tax incl.) €55.00
Typologie du problème
  • Verre extérieur
Degré de gravité
  • B (petit et visible)
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An outlet, why?

mesure lunettes

The Principle

During transport, some glasses may have a slight defect in the frame or lenses. Obviously, these models have never been put on sale and especially not sent to our dear Binoclard(e)s.

The eco-responsible approach

And finally, after reflection, why not? In an anti-waste approach, you can finally buy these models (which, as a reminder, are almost perfect!). They are small defects which are almost invisible to the naked eye.trong>. 

How does it work?

We have determined a very simple classification by type of problem and by degree of "seriousness" of the defect (from A to C). Of course, these products are classified transparently! 

do you prefer a flawless eyewear?

mesure lunettes

Finally, you prefer perfect sunglasses without any small defect? That's good, it's our original job and we know how to do it well! You can find this model that made you so much flash right here:

I prefer perfect glasses

Cat eye sunglasses

lunettes de soleil vintage

The Binocle Mona are ultra-feminine sunglasses with a fluttering shape. Why do they say they are cat eye? Because it gives a cat eye to the person who wears them. 

Its metal frame gives a very refined style with fine and graceful lines. The large size of its lenses allows it to accentuate its character. 

If you want to find a stylish and trendy pair of glasses, the Mona is for you! It adapts to a large part of women's faces.. 

Product Details
Mona#4 Outlet

Data sheet

Material of the frame
Glass category
Category 3 polarized
CE UV400
Frame color
Pink gold
Finishing the frame
Colour of the glasses
Pink mirror
Cat eye sunglasses

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