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3D Film Makers Rewarded at SD&A 2014

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3D Film Makers Rewarded at SD&A 2014

The producers and judges of the 3D Theater session at the 2014 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference are pleased to announce the winners of the Best of Show prizes. The purpose of each year’s 3D Theatre session is to showcase the wide range of 3D content that is being produced and exhibited around the world. This year’s show contained a broad selection of 42 entries from independent artists through to major studios.

Palmarès :

  • 1) Best of Show - Live Action category – “Soir de Fête” by David Robert (France). Synopsis : Joachim, 20 or so, a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, is about to leave work to spend New Year’s Eve with his family. But his patients, determined to see in the New Year in style, aren’t going to let him leave. Joachim is soon out of his depth as the evening’s events become more absurd. But madness is not always where you expect to find it…
  • 2) Best of Show - Animation / CG category – “Morpheos Trailer” by John Hart (USA). Synopsis : Travels in the fractal dimension ; art of Mandelboxes, Menger sponges, hybrids, and fractal flames.

Each of the winners received a copy of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications DVD-ROM which contains over 1500 stereoscopic focused technical manuscripts.

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