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All your questions related to purchasing.

  • How can I get the DisparityKiller ?

DisparityKiller is available either by purchase, either by rental.

If you choose to buy the DisparityKiller, you will be provided with a lifetime license, as with a one-year support, including after sale service and software updates .
DisparityKiller will be supplied with a license dongle (a USB drive with authentication informations), needed to run the software.

If you choose to rent the DisparityKiller, you will be granted a limited license, allowing you to use the software only for the time you acquired.
A license dongle will be provided for the initial rent (of 5 days at least), which you may keep for further rent or purchase (the dongle will not be provided if you rent further periods by the day).

  • How does the rent work ?

For a first rent of DisparityKiller, you will have to purchase an initial period of 5 days minimum.
This rent includes the needed license dongle, which will allow you to use the software for the acquired time.

For subsequent rents, you may choose the time you want by the day, using the license dongle you had kept from your initial rent.

  • Can I choose the start date of my rent ?

Of course, you can fix the DisparityKiller’s activation date, so that you can anticipate and plan ahead your use of the software.
Warning : please note that you will need to have received the dongle to activate the DisparityKiller. You may thus take the shipment delays into account when planning your rent.

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